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Grandmas Cake- Praline Filling with Sweet Dough Crust
Gateau Na Na
Item #: 11 - Pecan Praline torte baked inside two layers of buttery dough. Based on a traditional French recipe from Brittany, it's inspiration is the sweet dough-pie. You'll love it for any gathering where...
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    Jack Daniels Flavored Pecans
    Jack Daniels Whiskey Praline Pecans
    Item #: 32 - Jack Daniels Whiskey Praline Pecans are a great gift for anyone, especially those who enjoy the 125+ year old tradition of Tennesee Jack.
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      Wonderful Key Lime Flavored Pecans
      Key Lime Pecans
      Item #: 121 - Fresh pecans coated in a key lime flavored sugar that tingles the tastebuds
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        King Cake Praline Pecan
        Classic Golden Pecans King Cake Praline Pecan
        Item #: 76 -
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          Natural, Extra Thin, Handmade
          Pecan Brittle 5oz Box
          Item #: 38 - Dillon's all natural brittle offers the essence of true brittles - thin, crisp, delicious and brittle
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            Sweet and Spicy with Pecans
            Pecan Pepper Jelly
            Item #: 30 - Cajun spiced and loaded with Classic Golden Pecan pieces! No party table is complete without it!
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              Pecans rolled around a nougat center
              Pecan Roll Nougat Green
              Item #: 35 - Savor the old-world Colors of white cheddar, parmesan and bleu cheeses infused with the contemporary freshness of basil and garlic
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                Old Fashioned Pecan Log with Maple Flavoring
                Pecan Roll Penuche Blue
                Item #: 34 - Pecan Log with a brown sugar & maple flavored nougat.
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                  Shucks Sassy Sauce Cajun, sauce, cooking, flavors
                  Shucks Sassy Sauce
                  Item #: 189 - Sugar Cane Pepper Glaze. An All Natural, spicy-sweet glaze for fish, pork and chicken. Gives that special South Louisiana flavor! You are in for a spicy-sweet treat from the sun-ripened sugar cane field of Louisiana and Shucks Restaurant! Made from natural sugar cane syrup and a blend of Cajun spices to create a Pepper Glaze...
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                    Shucks Sugar Cane Vinaigrette salad, dressings, sugar cane, pasta salad
                    Shucks Sugar Cane Vinaigrette
                    Item #: 188 - Salad Dressing & Marinade. All Natural Louisiana grown sugar cane. This is a Cajun mixture of sugar cane syrup with vinegar and Cajun spices to give that special Louisiana flavor to salads, shrimp and fish, roasted vegetables or to jazz up your favorite pasta...
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                      Retail: $11.00

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